SEEN Eyewear Concept Store
A tiny store with a plaster ceiling, ruined yet preserved in its condition and white multilayered displays fetched by concrete-grey walls. One can find Olafur Eliasson-inspired mirrors on the perimeter, creating optical and spatial tricks in an actually small space.
Standing in the center of the room, the huge display can resemble a model of a building, an iceberg or even a funny creature with numerous legs. Backgrounds for eyeglasses are changeable, so far made of iridescent foil, which adds reflections all over the store.

Interior+Design Best Russian Project 2019 Award
in nomination of Store / Boutique Interior

Year 2018-2019
Location Moscow
Area 48 sq.m
Status Completed
Client Retrosuperfuture Russia
In collaboration Stameska
Photos Polina Poludkina


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